Baby Steps to a Healthier You

Here are some baby steps that can make a huge difference in your health

1. Become aware.  Start reading labels and see for yourself how many chemicals are in our processed foods.  If I don’t recognize an ingredient, I google it.

2. Cut out high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  You will be surprised at how much of it you may be eating.  Big food companies love to add HFCS to everything because it is a cheap filler.

3. Cut out all sodas.  Did you know you can clean off battery acid with coke or pepsi?  Gross!  Diet sodas are no better either.

4. Cut out all processed sugars and flours.  Processed sugars include: white sugar, evaporated cane syrup, HFCS, brown sugar, corn syrup and caramel.  We only use 100% pure maple syrup and raw honey.  Those two are the least processed.

5. Try to cut back on eating out.  Most restaurants put far too much sugar and salt in their foods.  Not to mention, GMOs.

6. Cut out sugar in your morning coffee.  (This is the first big change I did.  I really thought I would miss it, but I didn’t.

7. Try to buy organic and support your local farmers markets.

8. Try a new vegetable every week.

9.  Eat more salad (dressing on the side) and drink more water.

10.  Try to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine.  If you don’t have time to exercise, try to take the stairs to work instead of the elevator.  Or, you could try to park your car further away from the store.  Even these small things can make a difference.

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