Another Reason to Read Your Labels!

I was just at Whole Foods with the girls and my daughter Meadow asked me to get her some turkey.  She is mostly a vegetarian (by choice).  So I went to look at my choices.  I wanted a grass fed, organic brand.  So I found this.

Looks great so far.  By the way, I love the way it has to say gluten free.  Maybe I am wrong,  but isn’t all meat gluten free?  I decided to check the ingredients just in case.  This is what I saw.

This meat contains carrageenan!  Carrageenan is a carcinogen linked to cancer.  If you want to read more on that click here.  This goes to show not everything in Whole Foods that says organic is going to be good for you.  Please read your labels and become aware of what is in your food!

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8 Responses to Another Reason to Read Your Labels!

  1. Heidi King says:

    Melissa good call. I also do not like the fact that it is “smoked”. Years ago I remember reading an article that said cooked meat is better for you than smoked meat.

    • mgking76 says:

      I just can’t believe how many things have it. I could only find one brand that did not have it. I think you are right about the smoked thing too.

  2. It really seems likes manufacturers just target the current “buzz words” for nutrition and use those. With the gluten-free or organic craze, they put that on the front and people buy it thinking it’s a good choice without even bothering to look at the other ingredients.

  3. uberdish says:

    I agree – manufacturers love to use any new trendy word that might entice the consumer. However, I have a celiac daughter and if the product did not have that gluten free stamp, I would not buy it. All meat on its own is gluten free, but processed/packaged meat is not necessarily. When I was buying meat, I stayed clear away from any product that had “smoke” or “spices” listed in its ingredient list – which is basically all of them! Just have to make your own meat for sandwiches! Good point about the carrageenan! So many people are unaware.

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