An Example of Why Americans Are Getting Fatter

Most people if asked, are interested in improving their health.  Last year Americans spent $46 billion on diet products.  Why are we getting fatter then?  The problem is, most people trust food scientists for products that claim to be diet aids.  Take this Lean Cuisine box for example:

This box contains a deep dish pizza that only has 340 calories.  A typical pizza is loaded with fat and calories so this looks tempting to someone who is trying to lose weight.  So lets look at the label:

The first ingredient is processed flour.  The fourth ingredient is sugar.  Wait a minute, isn’t this supposed to be a healthy option?  The sixth ingredient is natural flavor.  Who the heck even knows what that means.  Soon after that is modified cornstarch, which is a chemically altered derivative of corn that is used as a thickener.  More chemicals!  These ingredients are all just in the crust!  There is more modified cornstarch in the seasoning as well.  Also in the seasoning there is maltodextrin (processed sugar), sugar (processed sugar), soy lecithin (another additive that stabilizes fat) and more natural flavor.  Natural flavor is a scary term.  Petroleum is natural, that doesn’t mean I want it in my food!  Finally, lets look at the nutrition facts:

430 mg of sodium!  That’s crazy!  That much sodium is bound to make you retain water and look bigger not help you lose weight.

This type of processed diet meal is not helping your health or weight at all.  The only thing it would do would be to cause you to eat more the minute your body burns off all that processed sugar and flour.  A better bet if you want a pizza is to buy some whole grain flat bread, full fat cheese and no sugar added tomato sauce and make your own.  An even better option is to make your own whole grain pizza crust and your own sauce.  For a dough recipe, click here.  For a sauce recipe, click here.  My husband usually makes the sauce in this family.  One day I will post his recipe.  We make a huge batch and freeze what we don’t use right away.

Even if you are too busy to make your own.  The flat bread pizza is super quick and easy.  Also, for vegans, you can use daiya cheese or just skip the cheese all together and load the pizza with veggies!

A great way to improve your health and lose weight without even trying would be to cut out all processed foods.  Trust me, my husband, Marcus, lost 20lbs without counting calories or exercise!  🙂


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