Peanut Allergy? Try Sunflower Butter!

I must admit, I have had a love affair with all nut butters for pretty much my entire life.  I could quite literally eat an entire jar in one sitting.  But, I am 36 years old and until just recently, I had never tried or even heard of sunflower butter.  People began to tell me how good it was so I decided to make some and try it out.  It is super easy to make and takes maybe, 5 minutes?

This stuff is great for kids with allergies or if your kids go to a peanut free school.  My younger daughter has a milk allergy so I totally get it.

5 Minute Sunflower Butter

1 1/2 cups sunflower seeds (I buy the ones with the shells removed)

1 T oil (I used olive oil)

scant 1/4 tsp salt

optional sweetener (I used 1 tsp honey)I know honey is not for strict vegans.  You could probably use agave instead.

In a food processor, combine the nuts, salt and sweetener.

Start to pulse and you will slowly start to see the seeds release some of their natural oils.

Keep pulsing pausing for a few seconds each time to give the seeds more time to release more oils.

When the mixture starts to look like this picture, it’s time to add the oil and pulse a bit more.  The finished product should look like this.

Now it is time to eat it right out of the processor( like I have been known to do :)), or spread it on some toast.  It’s delicious on Ezekiel Sprouted Wheat Bread.

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