A Word About Food Dyes

Up until recently, I didn’t think twice about the dyes that were in my food.  Start reading labels.  They are in a lot of things, some you probably would be surprised at.  Now, I will not buy a product that has these dyes in them.  Did you know that food coloring is petroleum based?  Gross!  Yeah, neither did I.  Read here to see what it looks like inside your body.

Food dyes have been linked to ADHD, cancer and allergic reactions.  There are plenty of natural ways to dye your food.  You can find out about those here.

The FDA has been considering issuing warnings for artificial food colorings.  You can read about that here.  It’s best to stay away from these all together.  I know I always will!

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3 Responses to A Word About Food Dyes

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